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Specification 1.0a_6
Description: The latest release of the Mesham language specification
Version: 1.0a_6
Released: August 2013
Author: Nick Brown
Website: http://www.mesham.com

The latest version of the Mesham language specification is 1.0a_6

Version 1.0a_6 - August 2013

Please note that this is an alpha version and as such the specification is liable to change.

The latest version of the language specification, 1.0a_6 is available for download. This version was released August 2013 and is the base specification version in the 1 series. It builds upon the previous 0.5 language by formalising some of the aspects of the language and the programming model. The type library has been formalised to contain much of the 0.5 language types but with a view to maximising consistency. The function library has been overhauled with the aim of providing a basic set of functionality which can be used by the programmer.

Download this latest version here