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Runtime library 1.0
Description: The latest runtime library compatible with version 1.0 of the Mesham compiler.
Version: 1.0.03
Released: August 2013
Author: Nick Brown

Runtime Library Version 1.0

Version 1.0 is currently the most up-to-date version of the Mesham runtime library and is required by Mesham 1.0. This version of the library has been re-engineered to support the Oubliette compiler line and as such is not backwards compatible with older versions.

This line of runtime library is known as the Idaho line.


You can download the runtime library, 64 bit here and 32 bit here

Experimental thread based

We have created an experimental thread based RTL, where all the programmers parallel processes are represented as threads and all communication implemented using shared memory. By running inside threads, rather than separate processes, this has the benefits of reduced overhead on multi-core machines and no need for an MPI implementation to be installed. Threading is achieved via the pthreads library which is readily available on Linux versions. Your code should run without modification and all of the example code on this website, including the tutorials, have been tested and found to work in the threading mode.

The thread based runtime library can be downloaded, 64 bit here and 32 bit here

Garbage collector

By default you will also need the lib GC garbage collector which can be found here.


Detailed installation, usage and options instructions are included with the library. Additionally these can be found on the download 1.0 package page.