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Runtime library 0.2
Description: The runtime library required for Mesham 0.5.
Version: 0.2
Released: January 2010
Author: Nick Brown

Please Note: This version of the runtime library is deprecated but required for Mesham 0.5

Runtime Library Version 0.2

Version 0.2 is a legacy version of the Mesham RTL and is required by Mesham 0.5. This version of the library contains many advantages and improvements over the previous version and as such it is suggested you use this. The version on this page is backwards compatable to version 0.41(b). This version does not explicitly support the Windows OS, although it will be possible for an experienced programmer to install it on that system.


You can download the Runtime Library 0.2 here (28KB)


Detailed installation, usage and options instructions are included with the library. Additionally these can be found on the Download 0.5 Package page.